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WART TREATMENT Sawbridgeworth

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Wart Treatment Sawbridgeworth

What are warts and verrucae?

A Verruca is simply a wart found on the sole of the foot or sometimes around the toes. Caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, they may remain singular or spread into clusters

WART TREATMENT Sawbridgeworth

To treat or not to treat ?

Warts and Verrucae can sometimes clear spontaneously without treatment although this may be after some months. However, treatment is recommended if the infection is :-

  • spreading to other areas of the foot
  • causing discomfort.

How we treat Verrucae and Warts


Caustic chemicals: Often used on children or when the infection is not large or established.


Swift Microwave Therapy: a controlled energy dose is applied as microwaves travel into the tissue destroying the infected tissue within a predetermined depth. The treatment usually needs to be repeated to completely clear the infection.

3 Electrosurgery: performed under local anaesthetic, the infected tissue is removed in one treatment. Being a surgical procedure, the wound takes a few weeks to heal and patients attend the surgery for after-care. Often used on large or stubborn warts that have not cleared with other methods.
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